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How will my data be used, and is my information safe?

The information you provide us will be used by Hearst Magazines to improve publications and products. It is important for Hearst Magazines to receive feedback from our consumers so that we can continue to provide the best possible products to you.

All information collected is analysed in aggregate form, and no information that you provide will be used to identify you personally – unless you have given your permission for us to do so. By this we mean that we look at the results by groups of people, (e.g. women aged 35-44) so we can see if different types of people have different opinions.

The only time we would ever look at individual responses and comments is with your express permission. When testing products and participating in book trials we often ask you if you are happy for your comments to be shown in our magazines or other marketing material associated with these trials. We will only ever use your comments if you are happy for us to do so and if you are happy then you may see them in your favourite magazine!

​We use your feedback in our surveys to inform editorial content in Hearst Magazines and websites.